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Courage is fear that has said its prayers*

I know a glaciologist who spends much of her time deep in ice. Like many of her colleagues, Birgitte has found and measured pieces of the climate jigsaw for herself. She can see how and where they fit in the future picture of our shared home, to the point where she sometimes wishes she knew less.

The Egg-Timer Challenge

There’s nothing like willing slavery. Every week, I set my fiction writing students one, two or sometimes three timed writing exercises in class. I am always impressed by the quality of first-draft work they produce in these short, intense bursts. When I say quality, I am not talking about beautiful sentences (though these can emerge […]

The Otherworlds of Liz Jensen

A Critical Reading ‘The first study of one of the most innovative of contemporary novelists, Liz Jensen, and of the “otherworlds” in her fiction.’ Read more on the Boydell and Brewer website.