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On the set of The 9th Life of Louis Drax

“The main character, a kid called Louis Drax, is in a coma. He’s fallen off a cliff on a family picnic. He might have been pushed by one of his parents. His doctor falls in love with his mother. Anyway, the kid does nothing but lie in bed and talk to a ghost with a […]

Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver

Climate change: the spectre hanging over every child, is the single most urgent issue of our times – and a challenge to any novelist. But how to write fiction about the Earth’s storm-filled future without a whiff of the pulpit? Barbara Kingsolver’s paradoxical solution is to set her story on a sheep farm in the […]

Matthew “Q” Quick, author of The Silver Linings Playbook, discusses Asperger’s, Genre-Busting and the Apocalypse with Liz Jensen

Liz Jensen and Matthew Quick became penpals and friends a decade ago. Here Matthew Quick, author of The Silver Linings Playbook, Sorta Like A Rock Star, Boy 21, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, The Good Luck of Right Now, Love May Fail, Every Exquisite Thing and the forthcoming The Reason You’re Alive, talks to Liz about […]

Call That a Mermaid?

The Birth of Denmark’s Most Famous Statue

So he wants sex with a woman who is half fish. But has he thought it through? wonders Eline Eriksen as she pours more schnapps for the visiting tycoon. Carl Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Group and veteran art collector has come to her husband’s sculpture studio on a mission. “I want a sculpture that does justice to Miss Price de Plane’s curvaceousness,” Jacobsen is telling Edvard.

Vishful Sinking

Once upon a time, at the height of the Danish cartoon crisis, I was cycling down a Copenhagen street when I glimpsed something extraordinary on the kerbside: a miniature Danish flag, fluttering in a breeze of car-exhaust, planted firmly in the centre of a fresh dog-turd. I was impressed. There were various political demonstrations going […]

The Prophets of Eternal Fjord by Kim Leine

Now out in English, Leine’s astonishing, hallucinatory journey into the frozen heart of Denmark’s colonial darkness is inspired by events during the reign of the mad Danish king, Christian VII. Read more (outside link)

Succesforfatter: »There is a kind of madpakkekultur in Denmark«

Der er to ting, Liz Jensen virkelig gerne ville være. Nemlig troende. Og miljøskeptiker. For som hun siger: »It would be so damned hyggeligt«. Men i sin seneste roman, ’Varslet’, der udkommer på dansk i dag, er det tydeligt, at hun ikke er nogen af delene. For her spiller både Gud og miljøskeptikerne fallit. Alligevel […]

Hele Portraettet Om Liz Jensen

Af cand.mag. og journalist Niels Vestergaard, iBureauet/Dagbladet Information 2011 Hun skriver spændingsromaner og sorte komedier om syge forhold mellem mødre og deres børn. Filmselskaberne har været i budkrig over kritikersuccesen “Louis Drax’ niende liv”. Forlaget lover pengene tilbage til dem, som ikke kan lide hendes seneste sællert “Varslet”. Hun er i det hele taget en […]